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MSU Alumni Tour Band

1985 - Italy

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1985 - Italy
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Italian Tour Itinerary

June 8 – 27, 1985


June 8                          Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

            This afternoon you will have your first rehearsal at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp (Twin Lake, Michigan).


June 9 – June 12           Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

            Pre-tour rehearsals continue these days plus a live

radio broadcast concert.


June 13                          Blue LakeDetroitNew York    Rome, Italy

            Today you travel from Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp to Detroit Metro Airport to board your TWA flight to New York where you will connect with your transatlantic TWA flight to Rome.  Meal service during the overnight flight.


June 14                        Rome, Italy

            Morning arrival in Rome.  Clear customs and board your private motorcoaches for the transfer to your hotel.  Remainder of the day at leisure.  Rome, the Eternal City, is the   cradle of Christian and Western Civilization and is richer in masterpieces than any city in the world.  After some relaxation, you will want to explore some of the city on your own.  Visit charming piazzas (squares), marvel at the fountains and statues and monuments, or relax in a café on via Beneto or Piazza Navona.  Try your Italian – order your dinner in a small Italian restaurant!


June 15                        RomeFoggia

            This morning you travel across Italy, over the

Apennines to Foggia, boasting a 12th century cathedral.  This old bishopric was badly damaged during the Second World War, but modern rebuilding has replaced many of the scars of the war.  After hotel check-in, you will want to explore the city.  The Municipal Museum or a visit to the Cathedral may be of interest; or, take camera in hand and photograph some of the charming areas of this old town.  A concert is planned for this evening.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotels.


June 16                        Foggia

            Morning at leisure for individual pursuits. This afternoon you will visit Manfredonia, a little port city on the Adriatic Sea.  Time for a swim in the Adriatic, a look around the town, or a visit to the castle of the Angevin period.  In the Middle Ages, the port bustled   with pilgrims and knights embarking in Genoese or Venetian ships for foreign ports.  This evening you will have a concert in Roseto Valfortore, a small village nestled in a valley of the Apennines, and the home town of Dr. Falcone.  Return to Foggia for overnight.  Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.


June 17                        FoggiaNaples

            Taking the main highway across the country, you will pass many villages as you travel into the Campania area of Italy.  After you cross the Apennines, Mt. Vesuvius may be seen in the distance.  Upon arrival in Naples, you will check into your hotel and have the remainder of the afternoon at leisure.  Naples is the third largest city in Italy and a great seaport in a magnificent setting.  Spend your leisure time this afternoon visiting the Piazza del Plebescito, enclosed on one side of the royal palace and on the other side by the royal palace and on the Church of St. Francis of Paola.  Or visit the Old Spacca Quarter, the heart of old Naples, or the Port of Santa Lucia with the view of the bay.  Somewhere you will hear a Neopolitan song being sung.  A concert is planned for this evening.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotels.


June 18                        Naples

            This morning you will make an excursion to Pompeii.  Pompeii was founded about the 5th century B.C. and buried in A.D. 79 when Mt. Vesuvius erupted.  Mt Vesuvius is one of   the few still active volcanoes in Europe.  Excavations are continuing at Pompeii.  Return to Naples for an afternoon at leisure.  Breakfast and dinner at the hotel.


June 19                        NaplesRome

            This morning you will drive northward to Rome.  After hotel check-in, the afternoon is free in Rome for shopping or individual sightseeing.  A concert is planned for this evening.  Breakfast at your hotel.


June 20                        Rome

            This morning you will have a sightseeing tour of Rome to include Ancient Rome and Christian Rome.  Among the sights will be the Pantheon, Coliseum, St. Peter’s Square and Cathedral, and numerous other sites too vast to name.  The afternoon will be at leisure.  Breakfast at your hotel.


June 21                        RomeSiena

            Morning drive to Siena, founded by the Etruscans and a rival to Florence in the Middle Ages.  Siena is one of the richest towns in Tuscany as far as works of art are concerned.  The town has retained its medieval aspect and invites a stroll through its narrow Gothic streets lined with palaces and mansions.  The town is encircled by ramparts which extend over three converging red clay hills from which the color burnt siena is named.  A concert is planned during your brief stay in Siena.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotels.


June 22                        SienaFlorence

            This morning a short drive will take you to Florence, built on the plain between the hills on either side of the Arno River Valley.  The devastating flood in November 1966 did a    great deal of damage to many monuments and works of art, but immediate restoration was begun (and still continues) and has not greatly reduced the artistic heritage of the town.  This afternoon you will have a sightseeing tour to include the Duomo (Cathedral), Bapistry, the Piazza della Signoria with many antique and Renaissance statues, the unique 16the century Pont Vechhio which spans the Arno River, and Piazzale Michelangelo.  A concert is planned during your stay in Florence.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotels.


June 23                        Florence

            This full day will be at leisure to explore the city on your own.  This is an excellent town for walking and a city map will lead you to many interesting places in the city-centre.  Breakfast at your hotel.


June 24                        FlorenceVenice

            This morning you will drive to Venice, built on 117 islands, and boasting 150 canals and 400 bridges.  This afternoon you will have a sightseeing tour on foot to include St. Marks Square, the Basilica, Doges Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, and other noted sights on the main island.  A concert is planned during your stay in Venice.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotels.


June 25                        Venice

            This full day will be at leisure to shop and explore the city on your own.  You may wish to visit Burano, a fishing village known for its lace and its painted houses.  Or visit Murano, whose main street consists of a canal lined with Renaissance houses, and a glass-working center since 1292.  You will certainly want to spend some time at St. Mark’s Square having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  So much to see!  So much to do!  Enjoy this charming city.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotel.


June 26                        VeniceMilan

            This morning you will drive to Milan for hotel check-in.  This afternoon you will have a sightseeing tour to include many of the noted sights in the city.  Of special interest will be the Duomo in the city-centre made of white marble and bristling with belfries, gables, pinnacles and statues.  Nearby is the famous Teatro alla Scala (Opera House) and the Galleria, an excellent place for a cup of coffee.  A concert is planned in Milan.  Breakfast and dinner at your hotel.


June 27                        MilanNew YorkDetroit

            Breakfast at your hotel and transfer to the airport for check-in and the return flight to New York.  After clearing U.S. Customs you will check in for your flight on to Detroit, or your selected final destination.


1985 MSU Alumni Band Personnel



Charles Coltrane

Ann Fordon

Diedra Garlock-Gibson 

Iris Goff  

Keith Miller

Seymour Okun

Harper Welton



Micheal Beery                                                             

Tara Hale                                                        

Howard Niblock



Paul Dombroske                                              

Nadine Grieve                                                 

Susan Miller 



Linda Coltrane                                     

Beverly Curtis                                                  

Eldon Durkee           

James Gholson                                 

Robert Gulliver

Bruce Helmer                                                  

Keith Hudson                                                  

William Morris              

Ronald Saska  

Ted Thompson 

Roger Topliff


Bass Clarinet                                                   

Marton Kozachik

James Poteet                                                   

Ronald Salow 



Harold Grieve

Henry Nelson                                                  

Lance Vechinski                                              

Gary Wakenhut



Robert Anderson

Ruben Droscha

Tom Fredericks

Lisa Fulton

Richard Long

Donald Proko

Scott Schroeder

Oscar Stover

Dean Winters


French Horn

Elizabeth Chapman

Stacie Detgen

Cecilia Falcone

Dennis Hooper



Leon Bradley

Richard Borden

Ross Brower

Stanley Burroughs

Ted Dickens

Vaughn Hill

Donald Thornburg

Brian Topolewski



Arthur Heemer

Maury Okum

Robert Petrella                                    

Shirley Shafer



Keith Burton

Jon Droscha

Craig Roshak



Danforth Goff

John Livingstone

Eldon Rosegart

Lawrence Simmons

Ann Stouffer

Anne Wakenhut